What Are The Wealth Chakras And How Do You Keep Them Spinning?

I’m sure you’ve heard about the energy chakras (wheels). Ancient Indian philosophies describe these as critical junctions in your body that tap into metaphysical or cosmic energy. This energy flows through all living beings and provides access to physical wellness and spiritual calm. 

Practitioners of this metaphysical discipline look for the spin of these energy chakras to determine the state of your body and mind. When you spin your chakras correctly, energy flows through you effortlessly, and you radiate good health and vibrancy. If your chakras are not spinning correctly, your well-being may not be in balance. A blockage in a chakra can be the sign of physical or emotional distress.

Courtesy: Rishikulyogshala

Through my personal journey, I realized that a big reason my energy chakras were off-balance was the stress of working like crazy to earn money and take care of my family. I was living under the tyranny of trading my precious time for money. In the process, I was missing out on my children growing up and their beautiful little experiences. About 6 years ago, my father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and within the year he was gone. While I made multiple trips to India to visit him, my full time job in the US made it impossible to spend quality time with him before he passed away. I live with that regret.

When I finally broke free from my job and took the plunge into full time commercial real estate investing, I learned that the energy chakras of our mind and body also apply to our ability to create and build long term wealth. 

I use the word “wealth” in this context to refer to all the facets of our life that encompass our existence and help us lead meaningful lives full of happiness and peace. 

The Wealth Chakras are those factors in our lives that we can shape and that will help us achieve the true wealth that brings happiness. Having any of these not spinning optimally or in a state of blockage can lead to financial distress which in turn can throw our energy chakras off-kilter and contribute to physiological and mental distress.

the first wealthchakra is passive income, pile of coins growing a small plant

The First Wealth Chakra – Passive Income

We need sources of income to survive, to provide, and to create safety and security for ourselves and our families. When we depend on a salary or wages as our primary sources of income, we are subjecting ourselves to the vulnerability of economic shock if that activity that earns us the income gets negatively impacted. Many of us are taught to save money so that we can withstand such shocks. However, those savings are usually nothing more than a temporary security net. Savings can dissipate quickly if we have to dip into them. 

What we really need is alternative sources of income that are not dependent on the work you do, and that bring a consistent flow of cash. This is passive income and is the first step to building long term wealth. You can build passive income through investments. The key however is to invest in things that actually create a stream of income and not simply sit inside the investment without producing anything on an ongoing basis. 

Stock market investments are great for speculation and for the lucky few who are able to buy low and sell high (a very difficult thing for even experienced stock market analysts), they can be a tremendous source of profits. However, unless you invest in dividend-paying stocks, these investments do not create income. They are also subject to the whims of irrational exuberance and panic driven behavior. You can’t really depend on it.

Passive income that is consistent and dependable is in most cases obtained through real assets that serve a fundamental economic function and whose intrinsic value is stable. In most cases, this tends to be income-generating rental property. The good news is that the tax code considers most types of rental properties and the income generated from their associated businesses to be passive for investors and provides tremendous tax benefits. See this article about passive income and taxes

More often than not, rental property investments also multiply in value over time. It’s the best of both worlds – a consistent flow of income every month or every quarter and appreciated value during your ownership. The potential for income increases dramatically when you start thinking about larger sized properties (think apartment complexes, self storage, office buildings). The economies of scale in these projects reduces risks and increases cash flow. That’s more passive income for you.

Bottom line – start seeking out and investing in sources of passive income as soon as you can. You’ve heard about the compounding effect of investments. Well, imagine the compounding effect of passive income, especially if it is in addition to your primary salary or wages. You can re-invest that passive income to create even more income. You are making your money work hard for you instead of working harder yourself.

the second wealthchakra is time, time glass sitting in rocks

The Second Wealth Chakra – Time

A famous entrepreneur and motivational speaker, Jim Rohn, said “Time is more value than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.”

Passive income – The First Wealth Chakra – provides us the ability to receive money that does not require us to work for it. That in turn provides the opportunity to free up our time. 

Earning time should be a goal for everyone. This is what gives you the freedom to do things you enjoy and be with the people you love and who bring you happiness. Not just during two weeks of vacation days but as many days during the year as you would like. Having the freedom of time doesn’t mean that you won’t work. It just means that you choose to work at a time of your choosing rather than being a 9 to 5 slave of the clock. With my commercial real estate investing, I can work from anywhere at any time. If I had built my investing business 10 years ago, it would have allowed me to work on my projects in the US while spending those precious few months with my dad in India. 

the third wealthchakra is wellness, person doing yoga in their living room

The Third Wealth Chakra – Wellness

This chakra ties our wealth building objectives back to the energy chakras of the mind and body. Mental and physical wellness is crucial for many reasons. In the pursuit of working like crazy to make as much money as possible, it’s pretty easy to ignore your health. The effects can be devastating. 

One of my acquaintances ran a successful consulting business. By the time he was in his mid-40s, he had accumulated wealth and also built a strong pipeline of passive income by participating in commercial property group investments. He had one child in her pre-teen years and he had just started getting the time to spend with her. His first two wealth chakras were moving into balance. Without any warning, he passed away from a heart attack. You see, during his 30s while he focused on working crazy hours to run his consulting practice, he had developed hypertension and also put on a lot of weight. Unfortunately, he didn’t act early enough to address the health of his heart.

Three years ago I was enrolled at a local CrossFit box. The coach realized that my core and lungs were weak. So he would constantly adapt the workout to work on those two things while challenging me to push myself. When I would be huffing and panting and on the verge of giving up, he would yell at me, “Get up Ike! Get moving! You’re going to play cricket with your grandkids.” — yeah he knew that baseball wouldn’t motivate me, so he figured cricket would do the trick 🙂

I now focus on three things at least 3-4 times a week: 

  • Meditation, reading, and algebra – these things exercise my mind and keep me mentally alert
  • Hiking and walking – keeps my body moving to counter the constant sitting while working
  • Strength training – build bone and muscle strength and slow the deterioration of the body as I advance in age

I’ve also started becoming disciplined about my food choices. As a person of Indian origin, I have certain pre-conditioned preferences for food. The predominant dietary advice in the US doesn’t work for me since I don’t eat that type of food anyway. So  I’ve had to find ways to morph my natural diet by focusing on smaller portion sizes and incorporating more whole grains and veggies wherever possible.

All of us have to leave this existence one day. While we are still here, it behoves us to do everything in our power to become healthy and stay healthy. Gotta play cricket with the grandkids 🙂

the fourth wealthchakra is relationships, four people standing together in front of a sunset with their arms linked

The Fourth Wealth Chakra – Relationships

Humans are social creatures and crave acceptance and support from the circles within which we dwell and where we expect a sense of belonging. It’s the relationships we’ve built that support us on the way to success and carry us through difficult periods. Even if you are an introvert, you know that you have a few core relationships that help you thrive.

What is less understood is that the wealth chakras of passive income and time are not sustainable without building relationships and including others in your journey.

For instance, earlier we spoke about expanding your passive income through larger sized properties to gain economies of scale. To acquire such properties, you need to compete with the ultra-rich and the only realistic way to do that is through group investing. This means forming a group with a set of people and pooling your resources in terms of investment money, skills, and experience. 

The multi-faceted power of a group is tremendous. I’ve seen it first hand because this is the single most important way through which I have been investing in commercial real estate. The relationships I’ve built have helped me build a strong and trusted group and that in turn has accelerated my investing capacity by 10x or more. Passive income on steroids!

A critical component of building a group is to identify your natural communities. These are communities of people that you align with in various ways such as values, ethics, ideas, and mindset. You might find your community in obvious places like your place of work or worship or you might find them in unexpected places such as within a kayaking enthusiast club. The time you earn and where you spend it is a clue to where your communities exist.

If there is one thing I want you to gain from the WealthChakra platform, it is to have the ability to benefit from the power of groups. The fact that you are reading this article says that you want to incorporate the wealth chakras of passive income, freedom of time, and personal wellness into your life. We are already your natural community and I encourage you to join our group.

If you’re more ambitious and would like to create your own group, I invite you to work with me. We will work together to identify your natural communities, build a successful group, and accelerate the spin of your wealth chakras. 

the fifth wealthchakra is sharing, person holding up a roll of money to share with the world

The Fifth Wealth Chakra – Sharing

All of us seek abundance in our lives. In the race to accumulate as much as we can for ourselves, one thing we often forget is that abundance includes the people in our lives. Not just our immediate family or even our extended family. It includes our neighbors, our colleagues, friends, and business associates who have the ability to impact our lives in ways big or small and similarly whose lives we might impact. 

Bringing people into your circle of abundance does not diminish it, but rather expands the circle and brings more abundance for everyone. Again, this is something I’ve seen first hand. 

The more I’ve shared freely of my life, skills, experience, and any other resource at my disposal, the more I have seen my opportunities expand. I’ve made new friends and they have invited me into their lives and their businesses as well.

So, start sharing everything you learn about the wealth chakras and other ideas you implement to earn time for yourself and build a  legacy for your children. You never know what opportunities it creates for you. In fact, your willingness to share your wealth building strategies might be exactly the thing that helps you create an investing group that massively accelerates the spin of your wealth chakras.

A final note about sharing

Gaining passive income, the freedom of time, the wellness of being, and the pleasure of relationships is incomplete without contributing toward those less fortunate. I personally consider this more important than everything else for it directly brings peace to my  conscience and our soul. If there is one thing that makes me love America dearly is the incredible generosity of our citizenry. I guarantee you that contributing toward improving the condition of your fellow humans will give you the most optimal spin of your wealth chakras and energy chakras.

Keep Your Wealth Chakras Spinning Efficiently